Corporate Integrity Policy


This page serves as a guideline for SIC’s stakeholders to report a whistleblowing complaint to the Whistleblowing Committee.

SIC is committed to promoting and maintaining high standards of transparency and ethics in the workplace. It takes a serious view of any misconduct / wrongdoing on the part of any of its employees, management, directors, etc in particular with respect to their obligation to SIC’s interest.

The whistleblowing channels are established to help stakeholders raise concerns without fear of retaliation, on any misconduct / wrongdoings that they may observe in SIC.

Parties can report a Whistle-blowing complaint if they are aware of any Misconduct/Wrongdoing, including, but not limited to the following:

  • Non-compliance with Regulatory Requirements
  • Financial / Professional Misconduct
  • Individual Health & Safety Risk
  • Unfair Treatment
  • Improper  / Unethical Conduct
  • Receiving / Soliciting Graft / Kickbacks

Whistleblowing Channel

Whistleblower can make disclosure to either of these channels:

Acting in good faith

SIC expects all parties to act in good faith when reporting a whistleblowing complaint. If allegations are found to be malicious, appropriate action may be taken, up to and including disciplinary action and legal action, where applicable.


The identity of parties reporting a Whistle-blowing complaint will be kept confidential. Utmost confidentiality of the conduct of the investigation will carried out by the Integrity Manager.

Protection from retaliation

Any party that retaliates against someone who has reported a Wrongdoing in good faith may be subject to appropriate action, up to and including termination of employment and legal action, where applicable.

No Gift Policy

In line with SIC’s aim to be a good corporate governance company which uphold the integrity and ethics in doing business, SIC announce that No Gift Policy shall take effect immediately.

This policy outlines that SIC’s employees should not give nor receive any gifts from suppliers / vendors/ consultants and business partners. SIC’s stakeholders are also expected to do the same. However, corporate gifts are allowed and the gifts shall be of value of not more than RM50.00

Integrity Pact

Integrity Pact is an agreement between SIC and its vendors, contractors, suppliers and business partners which outline that both parties will abstain from bribery, collusion and other corrupt practices when fulfilling contract terms.

It promotes clean operations on both sides and yield other benefits such as greater transparency in contracting and enhancement of public confidence and trust.

SIC requires all its existing and new contractors, business partners, suppliers, consultants and vendors to sign an Integrity Pact with SIC to ensure transparency with doing business.